Tuesday, October 17, 2017


That time when a relative touched you inappropriately or when a teacher misbehaved, that cat call, that touch in the bus home. Haven't we all at some time in our lives been abused. Some times we didn't understand, sometimes we didn't know what to do even when we understood, sometimes when we spoke, our voices were hushed.. #MeToo
As I go through my Facebook and Twitter posts today, I see my friends, colleagues, acquaintances post the #MeToo hashtag. I am dumbfounded - that girl whom I deemed strong, who stood against the tide and proved herself, even she has been abused. That friend whom I considered the voice of the youth, even she at some time has felt the same. They come out as brave women believe me.
I am scared, scared for girls everywhere. No place is safe - you are not safe in your house, not safe in your school, not safe on the roads , not safe at your workplace. Age is no bar, nor is your dressing sense nor is your marital status. Nothing stops this inhuman ability of people to talk and touch inappropriately.
How difficult is it to understand the word "NO". When someone says it, they mean it. Since when has abusing become a part of amusement? And why doesn't it ever stop. Why is no one spared? I know of people who were abused as kids. What does a baby understand? What would a toddler know about inappropriate touch? Why should a teenage suffer your wrath? Why should a married women be raped? Why should anybody have to suffer? Why cannot we respect our bodies as the holy institution God has made them? Why?
So many questions, but no answers! The aftermath - the marches, the candles lit, the court cases, broken hearts and home! And what do I do as a person at my end to stop this?

No, I do not want to sympathize, neither do I want any sympathy. I do not want to shout our for my rights after the harm is done. I do not want to cry tears of shame when I think about how as a child I was abused and I didn't even know it was abusive then. Term it as feminism or call it 'My Body, My Rules' - the terminology doesn't matter. What matters is unity - we need to stand together against this. We need to be educated and we need to educate. Let us stop the harm before it happens. Let us stand together and let the tormentors know that a 'NO' is a 'NO' and if it is not regarded so, they will be punished.


Saturday, May 20, 2017

Venting out...

No matter how many times I promise myself to write regularly to my blog, it just doesn't work that way. And then there are reasons as absurd as possible - there is no chocolate to eat, unicorns do not exist, Fred died and so did Dobby, the sun rose in the East... endless list
But sometimes, I am left speech less. Not that I do not have words, it is just that I am afraid to express and then you my blog are my savior.

There has been a lot going on in my life. More bad than good, so I have been low, really low to the extent that searching motivation some days is like waiting for my Hogwart's letter.. So, let me pen down stuff here. There are times when I am left to cook dinner alone, which is not a problem. What irks me to no end though is not being informed that people will not be having dinner at home. You not helping is a different story, but coming home to a cooked dinner, making us wait and then telling your stomach is full doesn't really help.One, a lot of effort goes in coming home after a full day at work , deciding what to cook and then actually doing the needful. Two, a lot of food is wasted. It is easier to inform people that you won't be dining at home.

When the roles reverse and we inform that we do not want to eat, don't know why it isn't acceptable. Suddenly the spot light is on us and I feel like a dementor is sucking the very life from me. So, you cook for two and I can see that and then we are forced to join you. We already informed we aren't hungry and we know our tastes do not match. But this time, we are under the spot light and I am 100% sure that this supper will be etched  hard into memories and not only you but also our elders will make it a point to tell us we are wrong.

When a doctor forces their kid to become a doctor, when what he/she actually wants to do is sing, the parent is counseled to let the kid have their own way. Every person is different and should be given a choice to decide. Elders shouldn't force on kids their understandings and beliefs. Just because you don't know of the innumerable times I cooked and the food was wasted, you cannot judge me for this one time I did not eat. There are reasons - which I cannot shout out loud. If I were diplomatic and clever, I would have had a bite of everything, complimented and appreciated. But then it wouldn't have been who I am. It doesn't feel right to my heart, so I cannot do this.

If you have been through this, thanks for your patience... Sometimes, it is better to vent out by writing... knowing its out of your system and not confiding to someone in particular.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Waking up a dead blog...

Been a long time.. haven't written a single line here...
Too much work @office, messed up life.. I have all the reasons to not write...
But here I am starting again - coz this is one place where I am who I am - unjudged, unbiased, raw - the real me!

For firsts, the project I was working on ended after a long period of two and a half years. For the first time in my career, I am work-less for a week now. I hurt my wrist and am roaming with a crepe bandage tied to it - the doctor said I need to give it rest, not to use the keyboard and mouse! Yeah right!! I have been reading a lot :) and happily reading!!

Got myself the entire Harry Potter series and I feel so happy each time I see the books peaking through my book rack.

I was lucky to get my hands on novels by Jodi Picoult and I am loving them!! I got them at a buy-books-by-weight exhibition and I am so happy I got them! Planning to buy her entire collection now :)

I started painting.. got myself a canvas and some paints and brush! And painted after 3 years.. Isn't the best from my brush but something is better than nothing!

The doodling is on and will continue I hope...

And I baked a cake for hubby's birthday.. It looked good and I myself was surprised by the outcome!!

Happy to write once more.. Hope I do not dis-continue now!


That time when a relative touched you inappropriately or when a teacher misbehaved, that cat call, that touch in the bus home. Haven't ...