Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Why I want to believe that "God" exists..

I still don't know if He/She/It exists or not...
When I say God, all I want to refer is to the power of good..
the goodness which helps a person believe that after a dark night, the sun will rise and shine..
No matter what happens wrong, there is till scope for right..
No matter how deep in quickstand, there will be a rope to pull you out..

There have been times when I thought that "God" doesn't exist..
When I faced sadness, loneliness.. but then again a smile cheered me up, time healed me, music applied a balm on my soul..
While all this may sound hypothetical to the unrest mind, to the mind at ease.. maybe it'd just want to believe that there's something good somewhere which balances the negative..
But then to each his own..

Tune mujhko banaya
Main to jag ko naa bhaya
Tune gale se lagaya
Haq tu hi hai khudaya
Sach tu hi hai khudaya

So call Him/Her/It, Ram,Allah,Christ.. whatever..
All I'd want to believe is in the sun ray which brightens a dark room!

Live and let live :)
Praying that everybody is happy :)

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