Monday, October 14, 2013

And the weekend ends..

And so the dread is back again, I am completely dressed in Monday Blues!! Don't wish to go to office.. who'd want to?? hehehe.. anyways.. what makes this blog post exciting for me is , I did a lotta things over the weekend which were the first-of-its-kind for me...
I had always been excited about the burning of the Ravan effigy during Dusshera, but never got a chance to see it actually happening. So after completing my silver jubilee I finally get a chance to see it. When I was in my bus coming back to Pune last evening, I saw a huge effigy of Ravan and betcha I was awed!! It was huge, real huge. There were so many people, all waiting to burn out the wrong and establish good in their lives. It was great to see...
I was sharing my bus seat with a mother-daughter duo. When I was in my oh-so-nice-mood with the evening breeze slightly teasing my hair and the songs in my headphone making the moment just right, Miss daughter puked... I had no option but get up from the seat and stand.I went to the driver's cabin and stood watching the road.. the view was breathtaking.. The wide stretch of the black road and the surrounding greenery.. Wow!! I am still mesmerized.. The conductor let me occupy his seat (in the driver's cabin)till the next stop when some people got down and I could get another seat.It was fun!!
Weekend was great @ home! Got some much needed me time, met a school time friend... and friends are such blessings for the soul :) God gave a lot of ups and downs in life but then God created friends.. I am happy to have you SP.. :)

Have a happy week ahead people!!

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