Saturday, January 31, 2015

Blogathon 2015 #Day31 - yeye.. 31st post :)

So we have finally reached the 31st post... Pat your backs all fellow bloggers for making it!!!
Feeling strange typing from my smart phone.. Sometimes auto-correct corrects me, sometimes I correct auto-correct!! It's been a busy Saturday... Cleaning the kitchen and washing clothes.. I also cleaned my wardrobe and the dressing table.. Will be on holiday for my cousin's wedding for ten days starting the 6th of Feb.. Tried my traditional wear to make sure I fit in!! And thankfully I do!!
Guess what occupied the most space in my dressing table's drawer... My nail paints... I have 18 of them...
The hubby said I should be proud... Of holding such a record :p If only guys would understand, we couldn't ever have enough  nail paints in all shades just like we couldn't have enough clothes ....
Happy week end!!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Blogathon 2015 #Day30 - Epic cookie baking fail!

I am an ok cook! I bake sometimes, and the results till last night were pretty good.. And then came the epic cookie baking disaster!!
To start with, I tumbled upon a 3-ingredient cookie recipe... which looked good :)
1 egg, 1 cup sugar and 1 cup peanut butter... mix well.. bake for 12 minutes and awesome cookies ready!
The baker had beautifully explained how to use a fork to make that texture on the cookies...
I went home all excited and happy hoping to surprise the hubby and the BIL with yummy cookies...
Got all the ingredients ready , not that there was much to do! Put on my apron and set the oven to pre-heat at 180 degrees..

While the egg was beaten nicely and became fluffy I added the sugar... No matter how much I mixed them, the sugar did not mix properly, I could see the grains in the fluffy egg... nevertheless I added the peanut butter... After some more whisking and mixing, I was expecting a dough, not exactly the flour dough but on similar lines, but this mixture was just semi solid... tasted yumm.. but I wasn't sure about the texture and thickness... I kept my calm and just carried on...
The sugar granules were still visible :( I took out my baking mould.. which was too small and heart shaped, I could place batter barely for three cookies in it and no matter what I did, the fork pattern did not appear as the batter wasn't thick enough.. 10 minutes later and this was what I got... epic fail!
Cheesy goeey hardened mushy peanut butter pieces... with sugar granules.. very very sweet and not at all the intended cookies!!
Nailed it!!

I also made some red sauce pasta and that turned out really yummy.... :)

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Blogathon 2015 #Day29 - The one where the hubby developed devilish horns!

The hubby had to go to office for some reasons 8ish last evening. We decided to go together, I would wait for him in the car and then we'd go grocery shopping. We were both in our comfortable T-shirts and shorts. As he had to go inside office, he changed into his PJ's and told me to change too.. I reasoned out with him that I was anyways going to sit in the car and wouldn't bother to change for visiting the grocery store. But he insisted. I was wearing a sunshine yellow t-shirt with a sweet pink bordered neck and a pink shorts with yellow lines and they were looking great together.. a combination I love. The t-shirt has a matching PJ which I don't like wearing.. A couple of washes and it had shrunk, so now its ankle length and looks weird... not world weird, but Deepika weird..  I don't wear it.. even though every body else thinks it looks good! But the hubby insisted and I agreed. When we were walking down the stairs, he made a serious face and said we needed to talk! Like needed to talk! The very sentence scared me... I asked him what it was about and he said he'd tell once we're in the car.. Before the car wheels could move, my mind wheels went round and round and sped at non-stoppable speeds! As soon as I got in the car, I coerced him to tell me.. but he didn't. When we were a mile away from the house, the devil grinned ear to ear and told me the shorts were looking way better! So, this was the TALK!! And coz he was in his boring PJ's he thought it better I accompany him.. and so the ruckus on the shorts being too short and the PJ's looking better and me catching a cold as I was wearing shorts!!! And then he had a hearty laugh while I looked at him amused and unable to answer!!
Thanks to my imagination, I could actually see him in a red dress, white horns and a long tail :P
Angel wife, devil husband!!

Blogathon 2015 #Day28 - Happiness is..

A playlist with lovely songs!!

A boring Thursday afternoon at office,
Lot of work...
Over sleepy!
Put on your headphone, open and wooola... here's a playlist with oldies you love!!
Loving it!!

Blogathon 2015 #Day27 - The happy boots post!!

After a series of varying discounts 0%,30%,50%,51%,52%,53%,54%; color and size checks... I finally ordered a pair of boots!! Can't say these were the ones I actually wanted.. I compromised on the color and length and I guess the design too, I wanted them to be ankle length and with a bow, but nevertheless I ordered them online :) Waiting !!
My awesome boots!!

Happy feet!! :)

Blogathon 2015 #Day26 - Happy Republic Day!

We celebrated the 66th Republic day on the 26th of January 2015.. Happy Republic Day folks!
When the Indian Tricolor unfurls, my heart fills with a feeling beyond explanation.. I feel owed by my country... my hand raises in a salute with respect.. the words and tune of Jana-Gana-Mana cleanses the soul :)
While in school, I'd rush early morning in my white uniform and freshly polished white canvas shoes. I was always on stage, anchoring the program or being a part of the prayers.This day gave me the opportunity to be really close to the flag and my heart would fill with pride. Come home and we'd watch the parade! Oh what a life!
This time, I saw the parade on the T.V. and it bought back memories... felt good!
Happy Republic Day!

Blogathon 2015 #Day25 - Why would you stalk someone like that?

I was talking to acquaintance[Let's call them A] and after this incidence I don't think I'd like to call them that even or even be remotely related to them... It was a normal conversation which went bad, really bad!
A was asking if something was really wrong with him, as had had no luck making girlfriends. Given that he is doing his Masters, I just suggested he studied first, all this can follow..To describe A, he has a personality not falling even 1% in the category I'd look forward to in my boy friend.. but then to each her own! I was enjoying my coffee and wasn't really looking forward to a conversation on the same topic but A had a lot to talk about. He asked me if I'd blocked somebody on Watsapp or Facebook, I hadn't. He asked me if I would do that, I told him it would depend.. and then began his story..
Now A is in a group of 4 people including him paired together for their assignments. The group has a single female, let's call her AF. Now A was drawn towards AF. He describes her as not so beautiful, but good for a relationship! This very line made me mad... what do you mean by not beautiful but good for a relationship.. so you mean you don't get married to her but be in a relationship just for the sake of. I was aghast and told him that I get angry at such thoughts and wouldn't want to hear anymore but there was no stopping to him. And then he related the following. I'd let my comments be for now and just write what he said. He said he wanted to take her out for coffee, but she din't agree. After multiple times of asking her out, he finally resorted to stupid means. He picked up her book without her knowledge and texted her about the same when she was about to reach her hostel. Not having a choice, she accepted his suggestion that he'd come over and give her the book, which he did and forced her again to go out on a coffee date with him. She did not and he felt bad. He said she'd dress up nicely FOR HIM [*huh*] and try stealing a glance, so he took it as a positive signal and asked her out for coffee again. She was angry and told him not to stalk her. He gave up his pursuit but one fine day handed her some work related books and kept a coffee sachet inside with a note for her! He told me he wanted to have coffee with her, and this way he had finally won! like won!! huh! When she did not respond to this stupidity, he took it as a positive signal and started coercing her again to meet.. She told him never to talk or meet except when their assignments were concerned. And his evil empty mind got her a gift, thinking that would make her happy and she'd give up! Just like he had picked up her notebook, he picked up her handbag, planning to give it back to her over coffee and giving the gift along. But as with any other person not finding their bag, AF raised an alert. She was too distressed and when A came to know about this, he knew he had made a mistake. He took out all the items from her purse, put them in a carry bag and called her to tell he got the purse near the dust bin. He gave it back to her and she asked if he was the one who took her bag. Angry A shouted at her, called himself a Samaritan who helped and told her not to talk if she thought so. AF immediately blocked him every where possible. Not content, A continued writing to her on the common group and sent her a hand sketched pic of hers on the group. Dismayed, she unblocked him and told him not to continue this. He told her he had something from her purse which he needed to hand over to her. He gave her the gift, but she did not respond back. She did not respond back again and A is still thinking it over. He wants to know what went wrong.

Huh! by this time I'd had enough! AF was still fine on not doing anything but just blocking him. Had it been me, I would have punched him in the face right there... he also said that she dressed beautifully for him and craved for his attention... I dress beautiful everyday and just for myself A, not for any one else... I am sad I every knew A, I wouldn't want to... Its scary and disturbing!!