Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Just good friends!!

They called each other just good friends!
She was his friends's ex. The gentleman code didn't allow him to think of anything more of her but as a friend. After they broke up, she confided in him. They went on to become good friends from friends, but the feelings were same. She was his friend's ex, so no !! She found herself enjoying his company and so did he. Available yet commitment free! They knew they couldn't be a couple, the families wouldn't agree. She wasn't ready for a relationship and he was just having fun! Before they knew, they started sharing a relationship which better not be names. They were the best of friends, comfortable, free, no bindings!
Times changes, she moved on, got into another relations. He started looking for love, though nothing changed the late night calls with each other. He could feel her pain. He knew her time of the month and he knew she'd need to be comforted, and he did! He knew what she liked and made it a point to meet her/ gift things to her. Then he found some one, some one whom he could confide in, spend time with. The long time calls with the good-friend reduced, but every now or then, they found time for each other.
Then one day, he wanted his love to meet his good-friend. She saw what he didn't see! The love, the care was far more for the good-friend. She asked him, but he never agreed. But deep down the good-friends knew that was true! They had fallen for each other, no rules, no code of conduct can stop two hearts from falling in love, can they! But now what?
So they continued being just-good-friends! Hurting their partners!


Sitting here
Tears dripping down my eyes
Cheeks wet, eyes red...
Thinking about our times together
And then the time you hurt me!
Unable to draw a reason why?
Why the physical pain, why the emotional disturbance, why the ignorance, why the partial behavior?
No matter how much I try, I cannot forget and forgive.
Don't know what is more painful - the thought of parting and moving ahead without you or the pain of being with you!
Life can be tough at times, nobody ever said it was easy though!
When the world fights for bigger causes, causes which make me feel stupid, I cannot still put this pain out of my heart and soul.
Should I go on and live in the moment?
Should I put my foot down and fly away?
Should I run away from everything on the untrodden road?
Will it affect you?
Will you look for me if I am lost?
Will you feel bad, will you miss me when I am gone?
Will you find it difficult to look in your partner's eyes and not think about the love you never tried seeing in mine?
So many questions and absolutely no answers...
Cannot lean on you as you are the reason of my pain.. cannot lean on anyone else coz its my pain, not to be shared, not to be distributed.. all mine!
Why did you change? and if you say you haven't then was I blind?
Sorry means nothing if the mistakes are repeated?
Did I make a mistake?
Is this karma completing a cycle and getting it all back to me?
Have I committed a sin?
Questions! questions!
How can I with so many doubts in my heart and mind, think of a new beginning then?
How can I bring some one in this world, when I don't know if I want to live here.

The woods are dark, lovely and deep,
But I have miles to go before I sleep
And miles to go before I sleep!!!

Oh! for that sleep! that peaceful sleep!

Just for laughs!

Get a haircut done, hubby doesn't notice,
Change your hair dresser!
Get a haircut done the second time, hubby doesn't notice,
Change your hair dresser again!
Get a haircut done the third time, hubby doesn't notice,
Change your husband!! :P

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Happy Birthday To Me!!

What better than my blog to pen down my feelings on my birthday!
Lately, the family is going through a rough patch. The loss of loved ones is beyond words and cruel. Only time heals, nothing else does. This month came along with two such sad news and gave us a jerk to reality. No amount of planning or thinking can change destiny.
But this post isn't about the darker hues. No matter what might be going with each and every one in the family, every one was considerate to wish me a happy birthday. Nothing lavish, but the hubby, bil, mom and kiddo planned a act-surprised-12-pm-cake-cutting! I had a huge slice of yummy kiwi and death by chocolate cake. It was great to have all of them.. all of them who mattered to me :) Thank you guys :) You mean the world to me!
The hubby went a step ahead and got me a thoughtful card [ask me , why the stress on the card! He doesn't like getting them, doesn't like reading them and finds it difficult to select one] It has one of the most beautiful wordings on a card and I am really happy. He also gifted me a cute huggable soft toy. Pictures coming soon...
Google wished me a happy birthday too! Wish we could contact all those people in the heaven above, maybe tag them in a facebook post or write to them and tell them, how every special day is incomplete without them. How every smile brings along unwept tears! But alas! RIP my loved ones! Miss you a whole lot more today!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who stood by me at my best and at my worst!

Friday, September 4, 2015

And another month passed...

Her tummy ached. She felt the same feeble pain. She crossed her fingers, no this can't be it...Not this month again...

But that wasn't to be. She carried her purse to the washroom, it is still a taboo being seen with a sanitary napkin, isn't it, she thought. Her periods had started. No amounts or prayers and medicines had helped. She pinged him and told that her periods had started and he bravely told her to take care. He knew she'd cry and he had to keep her spirits high.
     Been a while they'd been married now. Family and friends continuously enquired about the family being extended. They were ready to wait, may be another year. But then the unnecessary happened. She was diagnosed with poly cyst ovaries and the doctor said it might be difficult conceiving. All plans of onsite dreams and vacations were dropped and the focus shifted to doctors and medicines and having a baby. The pain that came along was not spoken, it was mutually understood between the two.
And yet another month passed...

This post is for Marathon bloggers!!
Fingers crossed to keep this blog alive!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Crap post!

 Yes, this blog is dying and the blogger has no idea what to do to keep it alive. So a stupid post ahead.. Do not read if you are looking forward to read something nice.
1. Utterly bored, sitting in office..  the internet is rather slow - yes it is, slower that my internet connection at home, and yes I work in an IT company and yes it is a reputed one!! Duh!!
I type in a line and then hit enter and then wait for the letters to appear so total Duh-duh!!
2. Everybody around me is suddenly getting pregnant. Not that it is bothering me, but yet talking about pukes and deciding baby names with everyone I talk is not a great conversation idea, is it?
3. I ordered a Turquoise kohl and I am loving it! Finding reasons to wear white, blue or black so that it looks cool. Went to the hubby and asked if he saw anything different. Put on my devil horns when he said no and then made fun of him for not noticing his wife for an entire day.. Hahahah
4. Stopped reading.. and writing... and painting! God!! Why am I doing this to myself?
5. Does anyone here know about PCOS, follicle monitoring... if you do help me figure out what all this is?
6. Is there a particular age when one should have a baby? I mean, what if I cannot still accept that I am grown up enough to have a baby of my own. Plus the hubby doesn't wake up at night even if I honk a horn in his ear, what are the chances then that he will if and when we have a baby!!
7. Does green tea really help lose weight? I have been having 2 cups everyday for 3 months, not even an inch or pound lost!!
8. The cook has gone mad... insane... dumb! He was on a two month leave and lost almost all his jobs except ours. Now he has new jobs and prefers to avoid our place. A usual conversation between the hubby and cook goes like this if at all the cook picks up his cell phone -
Hubby - It's 10 pm, when are you going to come?
Cook - I don't know
Hubby - Are you going to come?
Cook - Yes, what work do you want me to do?
Hubby - The usual- cook for supper and clean the utensils
Cook - Has bhabhi[Me!!] cooked the curry and vegetables?
Hubby - Yes she has, how much more will we wait , it's 10 pm already. Come soon.
Cook - Ok, I will come by 11:45pm. But I will only wash the utensils!!

So, now the cook is ordering me to cook!! And it doesn't stop here, when he comes he tells me to help him... Can you please arrange the utensils, can you please add spices to the curry, can you cut the salad... hahah
9. I so much want to write posts, tweet and the likes... but absolutely no ideas and no pop-ups... duh again!
10. I have been dreaming lately- weird dreams!! Dreams where I get hurt :(
11. Not been to any good food joints lately.. boring working week days and even busy -wash-clothes-cook-food-clean-house weekends!
Gimme a break!!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

My most memorable trip!

Once in a lifetime, two people decide to begin a journey together – a beautiful journey, where you wish to stop and smell the roses together, get drenched in the rain, look at the shining stars in the night sky, entwine arms and write a future together. After a big fat Punjabi wedding, we began our beautiful holiday together.

We took a bus from Jammu to Katra. With the snow clad mountains and the hilly path ,the beautiful view and the perfect partner, there was nothing to complain. Add some coffee to the above mixture and all you get is a deadly combination! Pure Bliss!
Having a cuppa waiting mid-way from Jammu to Katra.It was freezing cold and when the bus took a much needed stop, we helped ourselves to some tasty Nescafe!! Ho shuru har pal aise, ho shuru har pal aise… Nescafe!
We reached Katra late evening and gorged on some very tasty aloo parantha and rajma at the Vaishnav dhaba. We were so hungry, that the food was over before we realized we hadn’t really clicked any photos of the most awesome paranthas we ever had.Post the yummy dinner, we headed to the local market and hubby sweetly let me free to shop.                                                

With the world around us sleeping, we woke up at the strike of dawn, dressed up and headed for more than a kilometre long journey up hill to reach the Katra helipad to worship the Vaishnu Devi shrine.
See the dark sky and look at us fresh and happy at the Katra Helipad, Jammu waiting to board our helicopter for our visit to the Vaishnu Devi shrine.                         
 The snow clad mountains were perfect and made the journey even more memorable. It was my first helicopter ride and the aerial view was perfect. Heaven on earth!                        
We were lucky to be able to worship the shrine without a crowd. We spent all our time offering prayers and then headed back to Katra for the rest of our journey. It was tiring and we barely had any strength on our way. We headed to the same Vaishnav dhaba and hogged on the yummy rajma with paranthas and headed to the Jammu railway station to catch a train to Amritsar.

Is there a place where you’d forget your travel of more than 24 hours and still not be able to close your eyes and behold a miracle?
We were lucky to visit the Golden temple, Amritsar at 3am and it was such a site. We didn’t fell any hunger , no tiredness, no cold… pure bliss                                 
The hubby had included this visit in our already busy vacation plan and it was worth everything, every bit and every second. After visiting the beautiful Golden temple, we headed to the beaches!
Andaman calling!
We booked ourselves a package with Cox and Kings and boy, what a wonderful vacation were we looking forward to.
Day 1
We reached Port Blair in the afternoon ,checked in our hotel and had our lunch. We changed into our holiday clothes and went to the Corbyn’s Cove Beach on Port Blair.                                                 
We held hands, enjoyed the waves washing over the beach and watched the sun go down hand in hand. The perfect beginning which relaxed all our senses. With really less crowd around us, we had all the time and space to enjoy, to breathe J
We then headed to the Cellular jail or “Kala Pani” - the infamous jail where many freedom fighters were arrested . The old jail still shouts out the history. There was a very beautiful lights and sound show which took us back and narrated the story of Veer Savarkar and other freedom fighters who were imprisoned there. They don’t allow you to click any photos here. It was pretty dark when the show ended and we didn’t really have the energy to see the jail, so we called it a night.With the stars shining bright, we got back to the hotel and had a delicious dinner.
Day 2
This day dawned with a beautiful boat ride to the North Bay Island. It is also known as the Coral island because of the rich and exotic reeds and fauna. We enjoyed the steam boat ride to the island with the clouds hovering high . Look at the black clouds early in the morning and the silver lining being, there was no rain. The weather was perfect and romantic and the boat perfect for some awesome pics!
The coral island is famous for glass-bottom boats. These are medium sized boats, which can accommodate 6 people and 1 guide. The bottom of the boats have magnifying glasses. The guide helps take a thick black plastic sheet to cover the entire boat and then view the beautiful flora and fauna underneath. It was  a pleasure to see it, just that there was no place to click pics and the few we did don’t really reflect the experience we had.
To make this day even more amazing, we headed over to our first ever sea walking experience. They have these huge helmets which have an oxygen pipe attached. You enter the water and they place the helmet on your head and then starts the beautiful sea walk inside the sea J
The sea walk was fantastic. We had a choice between sea walking, snorkelling and scuba diving and we were happy we decided to sea walk. We were actually surrounded with fishes and corals and reefs.Wow! And then there was complete silence. Serenity!Peace!
As if the surprises weren’t enough, we headed to the Ross Island by another steam boat and this time were lucky to learn how to actually manoeuvre the boat.                                

Hubby smartly did it for a couple of seconds till we retired on the deck for some photos!  I am just standing there doing nothing :P
Ross Islands inhabited the British who ruled the Andaman.The island had deserted look where ruins of a colony existed. There was a Church, a bakery and hundreds of deers and peacocks.

Hubby standing at the gate of the Church ruins.
It was meal time for the animals when we were heading back and the care takers were feeding them, we saw a herd of deer following the care takers. The site was breath taking – two men with huge bags of food being followed by a huge herd. We just stood there and digested the scene. A deer happily volunteered for this beautiful pic.
Making way through the ruins we headed to one of the most beautiful and peaceful beaches I have ever been too.
A week before we visited the place, bad weather and thunder storms were experienced, so the stony path to the beach was blocked, but the hubby found a way and we headed down to the beach. And for 30 minutes before others joined us, we were all alone on the complete stretch.
We held hands, played in the waters, enjoyed the light drizzling and chatted about how lucky we were to be there, then!

We headed over to our hotel at Port Blair and went to the Fortune group of hotels for a candle-lit dinner. We walked our way back to our hotel after dinner, hand in hand on the streets of Port Blair. No pollution, no honking horns, no crowd – only the shining stars and us.
Day 3
The new day saw us getting ready and heading to the Havelock island via the ferry. The hotel staff packed us sandwiches and fruit juice for breakfast and lucky we to not eat any of it during the journey. The waters were turbulent and the ferry accommodates more than 250 people. So a lot of people were at unease, though the staff was courteous and happy to help.

As our tummies were empty, fortunately the hubby and I were perfectly fine and enjoyed the ferry ride. After reaching Havelock, we took a bumpy ride to our cottage near the Radha nagar beach. The cottages were beautiful and spacious.

After a light lunch, we headed to the beach. Radhanagar beach is one of the best beautiful beaches in Asia. The cottages were at a stone throw distance from the beach, so we changed into our beach wear and headed to the beach minus the cell phones , minus the camera. We had the time of our lives and stayed at the beach till it was late night. Radha nagar beach is clean and is not commercialised, where you can have all the privacy – no prying eyes, no vendors, no plastics, no dirt, just a vast and clean stretch of blue water.
Day 4
On the fourth day, we headed to the Elephant beach in super-fast machine boats. This beach is famous for various water sports but the weather did not favour us. We were given a complimentary snorkelling experience by our tour operators, but the waters have gone muddy so we didn’t snorkel. Instead the hubby made me feel like a princess and clicked some awesome snaps!
We headed to Port Blair and had the evening to ourselves. We had a sumptuous dinner at the hotel buffet and enjoyed the view from the hotel terrace, from where we could see the beach far away.
Day 5
The last day in Port Blair was kept for leisure and for shopping. But we headed to the Cellular Jail. Given the heritage lover I am, I couldn’t stop but ask the husband for a revisit to the jail when he asked me what I wanted to do. And viola! We were at the jail. We explored the prison rooms and related the view with the description we were given in the brochure and the lights and music show on the first day.  We then headed to the hotel and spent some time lazing around till it was time for our flight back home.
This was the most romantic and memorable trip of my life.
A trip which I can go back to, if given the choice and chance.
A beautiful journey which we began as newly marrieds and came back as soul mates!!